Bistro Lilla Stallet

The Little Stable

The bistro at Hem till Gården

We make good simple food with fine ingredients after the season. Our fantastic pizzas are baked in a stone oven from Naples where the pizza is highly valued.
Our wonderful base is made of sourdough from Kopparlundens bakery – our local master of bread!
Our charcuterie comes from Nibble farm. There they have their own production of air-dried charcuterie of the highest quality.
In our bistro we develope our food and drink concept with a lot of love and consideration for our environment

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Phone: +46 21 10 80 50 


Fridays & Saturdays 17:00-23:00

Deviation to regular opening hours is advertised on Instagram & Facebook

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Address: Hem till Gården, Slånbärsgatan 13

Locally produced and local collaborations

Locally produced and local collaborations

Nibble farm

"At nibble, we breed pigs that live in a harmonious environment. On the farm's grounds, cereals are grown, which is the food of the pig, which gives healthier pigs. Our own staff takes care of the pigs and performs everything from insemination to acting small pig nurse when it is time for the sows to pig. In the new stables the pig can choose between being inside or looking for a mood.  The nibble Farm Pig brand was formed 1999 in collaboration with Sabis in Stockholm ".

– Nibble Farm Pig

Kopparlundens bakery

"Flour, water and salt – and time – more is not needed to bake good bread. When the dough gets to rest for a long time, not only the aroma but also the consistency: the baguettes become chewy, the buns airy and coarse bread becomes juicy ". – Kopparlundens bakery