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Our story

Like in a story by Astrid Lindgren you will find “Hem till Gården”. Norrgården, Mellangården and Sörgården create Tunby Gård -a remarkable and imaginary contrast to the modern surrounding area.

It is Gården (the farm) in the heart of the modern city Västerås.

These 3 estates have been located here since the 16th century. And like many other estates at that time, they were managed under the rule of the Crown and Church. Here the land was cultivated, the cattle were raised and people worked together to produce the necessities of the life during different seasons of the year.

The time passed, and these historical and beautiful houses with their heritage legacy are now accommodating guests from all over the world. Our guests enjoy and get inspired by the beautiful houses and during conferences.

Hem till Gården houses a boutique, hotel and conference facilities in a traditional Swedish style with many antique details and preserved decorations.

Welcome to Hem till Gården!

Hem till Gården - Slånbärsgatan 13, 722 23 Västerås • info@hemtillgarden.se • Tel +46702287518